Steering services

The technical condition of the suspension has a significant impact on maneuverability, handling and road safety overall. Depending on the brand of the truck and the deterioration over time of its technical condition, the probability of suspension breakdowns increases. Therefore, regular inspection and diagnostics are required, and if necessary – obligatory truck suspension repair.
Mechanics at C & C Equipment Repair, INC will perform all the necessary work to make sure that the truck components are stable or to identify the causes of chassis malfunctions. We also offer steering system components and eliminate local and major malfunctions. We service all brands of trucks and semi-trailers with various systems.
  • Diagnostics
  • Replacement repair kits
  • Repair of electric power steering
  • Repair and restoration of steering assemblies
  • Transmissions, racks, columns, tie rods, etc.

We guarantee a reasonable price and 100% customer satisfaction.